Totally Terrific Technologies




Last year each 4th and 5th grade class got 10 Chromebooks for their classroom and we were wondering if classrooms were getting more: Chromebooks this year, no Chromebooks, or different devices. So to learn more, we had a conversation with our Technology Integrator, Mr. Harte.

Reported By – Aaron, Andy, and Nevin

2 thoughts on “Totally Terrific Technologies

  1. Aaron, Nevin and Andy

    Thank you for sharing your interview with Mr. Harte. We have so much technology at Chickering; it was nice to hear how they are organized. Do you think we have enough for all that you want to do?

    So what will the next 8 years bring, Mr. Harte?

    Dr. Reinemann

  2. Well done guys. I enjoyed being interviewed by you and it was fun for me to see how you put the final CSR piece together. I’m impressed by your editing skills.

    Maybe one of you will have my job in 8 years!

    Mr. Harte

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