All aboard … Sqords!

Last year, third grade students received Sqords from Ms Riordan and Mr. Fraser, our Physical Education teachers. We decided to interview, Ms Riordan, on Sqords and what is happening this year.

We wondered how the Phys. Ed. teachers learned about Sqords.

“Looked at Fitness Trackers for Kids and then talked to a P.E. teacher from Virginia about Sqords. Mr. Harte found an article about the Washington Post about Sqords.”

Last year only third graders received Sqords. We wondered why they chose to do that?

“Wrote a grant with Mr. Fraser and founded by the Allen Mudge Fund of Dover. “

We were wondering why they decide to add sqords to the  4th and 5th grade and not the other grades.

“Excitement from third grade was contagious. Students from grade 4 and 5 let it be known that they wanted in when it came to Sqords.”

We were curious about Mrs. Riordan’s favorite thing about Sqords.

“I love that students are finding more and more ways to be active.”

Before we received our Sqords, we wanted to know how Mrs. Riordan ranked them 1 through 10.

“Absolutely definitely a 10. Kids are realizing that being active can be healthy and fun.”

We wanted to know what colors the Sqord bands come in this year.

“All bands start out as white which is a bad thing because they get dirty really quick. Students are allowed to purchase pink, orange, red, green, blue, purple and black bands at”

We wanted to know what class got the most points last year?

“Actually they didn’t keep that statistic however we had challenges every month.”

We were wondering which grades purchased Sqords this year?

“We had students in grade three and five and any new students.”

We wanted to know what are the most points you have received on the Sqords?

“For me personally 80,000 points in one day is my biggest total.”

We were wondering what was your favorite moment from when the kids were using Sqords?

“I say it was definitely when 2 third grade boys had a conversation about their recess activity Were commenting on how a quarterback at a football game wouldn’t get as much activity points and other boy playing soccer got twice as many points running down the field.”

We wanted to know how many kids have already bought Sqords?

“Orders keep coming in someone is standing right beside me now waiting to order a Sqord. Last year 85 3rd-graders purchased sqords.  This year 135 Sqords will be ordered.”

We were wondering how you got kids excited about Sqords?

Fitness tracking as you know is all the rage Chickering students wanted to be apart of tracking their fitness.

We are astonished to see the increased order of Sqords. We were also shocked to find out that Mrs. Riordan found out about the idea of Sqords from a teacher from Virginia. We were definitely shocked when someone even come up to order a Sqord while we were interviewing!! We were surprised about the variety of the different Sqord band colors.

Reported by: Abby, Addie, Lauren, and Mia

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