The Amazing Mrs. Ensor




One of our 5th grade educational assistants, Mrs. Ensor, is a favorite of the students. We were curious to learn more about this amazing E.A.  Below are two paintings by Mrs. Ensor. We hope you enjoy our conversation.

painting of a path through the grassy dunes on Cape Cod.


Painting of waves gently breaking on the beach in Cape Cod.









Reported by: Sean and Tommy

images courtesy of Mrs. Ensor, thank you.


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Mrs. Ensor

  1. Fantastic post about a fantastic teacher! Nice work fellas. Especially liked the editing work you did and your use of music added a nice dramatic touch. Thoughtful, well-written and well-executed, congratulations!
    5th Grade Teacher!

  2. Sean and Tommy,

    You did a great job reporting on Mrs. Ensor’s life! She is a very interesting and humble person; you learned a lot about her that most people don’t know!

    Thanks for sharing her artwork and story,

    Dr. Reinemann

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