Ms. Bernard’s Spectacular Science Unit!


Ms. Bernard is a new 5th grade teacher at our school this year and she’s teaching a new science unit. We had an opportunity to chat with Ms. Bernard about this new unit. We hope you enjoy our talk with our new teacher.

Reported by Bella, Alexander, Antonio, and Anthony

2 thoughts on “Ms. Bernard’s Spectacular Science Unit!

  1. Very interesting interview. Great questions. I especially liked the plot twist where Ms. Bernard’s favorite subject to teach now was not actually something she liked as a young student. Well done young reporters!

  2. Hi Bella, Antonio, Alexander and Anthony,

    I was surprised to hear Science was not her favorite subject too! Ms. Bernard makes it so much fun now, maybe it wasn’t fun when she took it?
    I wonder how she can incorporate coding into her unit….

    Thanks for interviewing and sharing what you learned!

    Dr. Reinemann

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