Experiencing Engineering



Engineering is one of many science units taught in our school. Mr. Wadness, a 5th grade teacher, teaches the Design Process, that we use to create the projects he assigns. We hope you enjoy our talk with Mr. Wadness.

reported by Emma, Tim, and Evan

3 thoughts on “Experiencing Engineering

  1. The kids are amazing by producing such an interesting podcast. The questions were well asked and showed their thorough preparations. Thank you Ms. Chase for great mentoring for the project.

  2. It is a creative topic for kids to practice their critical thinking and speech skills. I am sure that they will become more confident and be more willing to contribute and explore the world, their career and their lives.

    Thanks Chickering.

  3. Emma, Tim and Evan

    Thank you for interviewing Mr. Wadness and sharing his ideas about teaching Engineering. Have you had the science unit with him yet?
    Your questions showed how you planned your interview and the format of an interview gave the interview lots of “life”.

    Dr. Reinemann

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