A “Moving” Installation

Do you know what a kinetic sculpture is? There is a rumor going around our school that we are getting a kinetic sculpture in our lobby. We thought that the best person to talk to was our Art teacher, Mrs. Pelletier.

Main staircase in Chickerings lobby showing the large blank wall to the right of the staircase where the new artwork will be installed.Not only did we wonder why we are getting one but why does Chickering need one. “It’s not that we need a kinetic sculpture, it’s that we want a kinetic sculpture,” explained Mrs. Pelletier. Our lobby has a huge two-story high, wide main staircase. Mr. Harte, our Technology Integrator, had an idea. Hundreds of students and teachers go up and down the stairs everyday and his idea is to have a “cool,” interesting piece of art which moves and maybe makes sound, Picture showing the large blank wall to the right of the main staircase.installed on the large, blank wall to the right of the stairs. As a result, of his idea, they wrote a grant to the Dover Sherborn Educational Foundation [DSEF], for the artist in resident, Joshua Winer.

We wondered if she had worked with Josh Winer before. She explained that eight years ago, the artist worked with everyone in the building. The mosaic mural in the lobby was created. Students and teachers gave ideas on what to include in the design. In our school, when we talk about reading fluency, we know to “Read like a River,” which is the theme of the mural.

Image of mosaic mural in the lobby with the theme "Read like a river."Its interesting to know that the students worked on the mural, we were curious to learn if the students would be working with the artist on the kinetic installation. She stated that he will be set up outside the art room on tables so students can watch what he is doing. He will talk to teachers and hopefully students about their ideas for the kinetic installation. Mrs. Pelletier plans to have students make their own kinetic sculptures, inspired by Josh Winer.

We were curious to know what the kinetic installation will look like. She thinks that he will use re-found items and it will make a little sound and move slightly. She is anxious to see the model.

Our mural has been up in the school for 8 years and we wondered Our Art teacher, Mrs. Pelletier wearing large, funny glasses.how long the new sculpture will be up in the lobby. “Forever!”, she exclaimed. You can come back in twenty years and it will still be here.

Mrs. Pelletier uses the words “sculpture” and “installation” when talking about the new art piece, so we wondered what was the difference. Mrs. Pelletier said that it was an interesting question. She said that a sculpture could be an installation and an installation could be a sculpture. Ours will be a combination she thinks. A sculpture is 3D, and our new installation will be 3D she thinks. It may have a little mobile quality, “so it will encompass a lot of different art venues.”

Who knows what the final installation will look like. But one thing is for sure, it will be an exciting piece of artwork. The fact that students will be able to create their own kinetic sculpture, with Mrs. Pelletier, is very exciting. Stay tuned everyone, Chickering Reporters will share further information once Josh Winer arrives In-Residence!

Reported by Iris and James T.

6 thoughts on “A “Moving” Installation

  1. Dear Iris and James,

    Wow! What a wonderful article you have written! I can tell you worked hard on gathering information that our school community would want to know. I remember when Joshua Winer came to Chickering school to build our mural. It was my first year teaching at Chickering and my class and I got to help with a few pieces! Your post made me so excited for our new sculpture! I am so proud of you both for your hard work and informative writing! Keep up the great work.

  2. Iris and James,

    You did a terrific job describing our upcoming installation! I like how you described the logistics of where it will be, how we are paying for it, how students might be involved and a little bit about what it will look like. I am soooo excited for this project and your report piqued my curiosity even more.

    Dr. Reinemann

  3. Iris and James,
    You two did a great job. I am so excited for the article that both of you worked hard on.
    –Iris’s Dad

  4. This is a fine article! Congratulations to Iris and James. What a nice way of getting everyone excited and informed!

    Josh Winer

  5. Well done James and Iris. You asked the right questions to get good answers. Looking forward to following your reports as the installation gets going.

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