4 thoughts on “Outstanding Open House

  1. It’s great! I enjoyed how much detail you put into it and i love the way you describe how the school looks at the beginning. I suggest that you guys work on having more follow up questions like with Mr. Keohane you could of asked what his philosophies are. with your script! I hope you guys consider doing reporters in 5th grade.

  2. I thought your report on open house used outstanding vocab. The sound was very rambally. thought it was planned out well.

    P.S. Mr. Keohane’s my teacher!

  3. What a great report! I enjoyed hearing from the teachers how Open House goes for them, and I liked hearing the different parent perspectives about the format. I had not thought of having more time to meet the specialists teachers, and I think that would be a great addition to Open House. I can tell that the reporters put a lot of hard work into this report. It is well thought out and well scripted. The reporters did a great job with annunciation so it was easy to hear them. I look forward to their next report on CSR!

  4. Hi Margaret, Liam, and Ollie!

    Nicely done! I did not notice a big problem with the audio and you spoke very well with your questions and added a bit of humor (“Of course they clean up their room”).
    Obviously these parents paid close attention to the teachers they met!

    Dr. Reinemann

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