Geothermal, Potential, Kinetic Energy… and More

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5th graders at Chickering School have a new science unit this year. It is called ‘Energy”. We investigated to find out what Mrs. Chiavarini and some of her students thought about this unit of science.

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Reported By: Amanda and Esme

3 thoughts on “Geothermal, Potential, Kinetic Energy… and More

  1. Esme and Amanda, that was such an interesting podcast about energy. I learned a lot from listening to that, and am amazed by how much information you collected and put together in such a nice way – even with a fancy jingle! I’ve begun to see a lot of wind turbines all over the place, collecting energy that way. Have you? I know a load of turbines are now being built out at sea, where we don’t get to see them so easily. You are really fortunate that Mrs Chiavarini decided to teach about this. And now you are sharing what the class has learned with others. Well done!

  2. Dear Esme and Amanda,

    I just listened to your report on the Energy unit, and I am very impressed with the way you wove together all the interviews and even included music! I have really enjoyed teaching 5th graders about energy this year. I hope that for students it sparked an interest in exploring and learning more about our world! Thanks for sharing your great report!

    Mrs. Chiavarini

  3. Hi Amanda and Esme!

    Wow! Mrs. Chiavarini really knows a lot about energy. I can hear how much she enjoys teaching science from your interview. You did a really nice job mixing in her responses with your questions and student responses.

    Thank you for sharing about the new grade 5 science unit!
    Dr. Reinemann

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