“… Rainbows, Puppy Dogs, and Unicorns ….”

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Mrs. Grady moved to 4th grade last year and we thought we would check in on how her second year was going. Mrs. Grady and 3 Chickering  student reporters.We hope you enjoy our interview with our teacher.





Reported by Andrew, Andy, and Alia

5 thoughts on ““… Rainbows, Puppy Dogs, and Unicorns ….”

  1. Job well done, very professional. Excellent selection of questions. Can’t wait to hear about who you interview next. Thank you

  2. Hi Alia, Andy and Andrew

    Thanks for sharing Mrs. Grady’s perspective from grade four, year 2! I thought it was interesting to hear that she liked every grade she has taught.

    Dr. Reinemann

  3. Thank you Alia, Andy and Andrew! I really enjoyed the interview and you did a wonderful job with the questions and polishing your piece.
    Mrs. Grady seems like a fun teacher.
    I look forward to your next news story!

  4. We liked that not all your questions were about school but you asked about when she isn’t at school … it was interesting.
    One suggestion is for the hosts to peak a little louder in the podcast.
    We like that the reporters gave their own opinions on what Mrs. Grady shared.
    Nice work!

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