Mr. Keohane … Moving Up!


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Each year at Chickering School, some teachers move from one grade to another grade. Mr. Keohane and the Chickering Reporters in the school library.We talked to our teacher, Mr. Keohane, who moved from 4th to 5th. We hope you enjoy our chat.

Reported by: Luke B. and Felix

3 thoughts on “Mr. Keohane … Moving Up!

  1. Hi Luke B. and Felix,
    Great job on your interview with Mr. Keohane! It makes me want to know more about Mr. Keohane and what goes on in his 5th grade classroom. The way you had your introduction with the music and your actual interview voices made it very interesting to listen to. I wish the piece was a little longer.

  2. Luke and Felix

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Keohane and his move from fourth to fifth grade! His enthusiasm for learning is exciting! He is a learner and teacher at the same time!
    You asked questions about things I was wondering about too.

    Dr. Reinemann

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