Musical Winter Wonderland

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Every December, a special celebration, called the Winter Concert, happens at Chickering School. Following the success of the concert, we chatted with our band and music teachers. Please sit back and enjoy our interview and Animoto.


Reported by Olivia, Katana, Caden, and Rachel

2 thoughts on “Musical Winter Wonderland

  1. I loved your Animoto, it fit the theme perfectly. The music was spectacular, it was calming and fun. The Animoto theme was wintery, so it was perfect for your project. I also enjoyed the time I got to see the pictures. They were very clear, so I could see everything. Great job with that too. Your jingle in the podcast was very peppy, like some of the music in the concert. the speaking was also very nice and clear. Thank you for your wonderful presentation!!

  2. Wow! This is a wonderful post! You combined a great deal of information in this report. I wonder how the four of you divided the jobs among yourselves with so many topics. I liked how you wove the interview questions into the radio report.

    Dr. Reinemann

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