Inspiring Heroes and Heroines

In fifth grade, we do a project called the Wax Museum. We choose a hero or heroine, British or Colonist, from the American Revolutionary War time. We research our person and prepare a speech. Each student becomes an animatronic. People press a red button to activate us. We talk about our hero or heroine, and what they did during the war, and how they affected it. Near the end of school, in June, each class will have their own Wax Museum in the Library. Parents, relatives, and students are encouraged to visit and learn about some important heros and heroines.

Here are our heroes and heroine and hope you enjoy learning about who they are and their impact on the American Revolution.


Mary Katherine Goddard:

General George Washington:

King George III:

Reported by: Zach, Kris, and Bethany

Musical Winter Wonderland

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Every December, a special celebration, called the Winter Concert, happens at Chickering School. Following the success of the concert, we chatted with our band and music teachers. Please sit back and enjoy our interview and Animoto.


Reported by Olivia, Katana, Caden, and Rachel

Ms Riordan

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 Chickering Student Radio

We had an interesting time interviewing our veteran P.E. teacher and learning about her experiences being an instructor of Physical Education. Please click the link below to hear our conversation with Ms Riordan.



Reported By: Abby, Alina, Matt, and Cyrus

A Glimpse at Captain Sunita Williams

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Chickering Student Radio


Join us in listening to Sunita Williams, a NASA astronaut, visiting Chickering School. Astronaut, Sunita Williams talks about her life inside and outside of NASA. Please sit back and relax for this once in a lifetime experience with a pilot, engineer and astronaut.



If you would like more information about life on the International Space Station, check out Capt. Williams video tours.

Reported by Will, Paige, Maiya, and Alexis

Science Fair – a first at Chickering School!

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April 21st, was the very first Science Fair at Chickering School. Students in grades K-5 were able to present their project and explain how it all worked. It was a fun day and we hope you enjoy listening to some students and a judge talk about their experience.


A judge talking with one of the student scientists at the Science Fiar.


Reported by Sam, Robert and Tommy Picture of the judges at the Science Fair.