Wacktabulous Wacky Wednesday

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On January 28, 2015, we celebrated an enjoyable day by wearing silly clothes and funny accessories. Wacky Wednesday is a great day to have lots of fun. Please click on the Animoto slideshow below to view and listen to how teachers feel about Wacky Wednesday.

Reported by Kris, Zach, and Bethany

2 thoughts on “Wacktabulous Wacky Wednesday

  1. Great job Bethany, Zach and Kristian. You did a nice job narrating and I liked the music you chose. It was upbeat and intriguing, just like the pictures! Well done.

  2. Well done, Kristian, Bethany and Zach!

    Wacky Wednesday a long standing Kindergarten tradition and I really like that the whole school now participates. I thought it was interesting that you interviewed a Kindergarten teacher and grade 4 teacher to show the the similarities and differences in the teacher’s perspectives.

    Dr. Reinemann

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