Author-in-Residence: Jackie Davies

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Author, Jacqueline Davies, laying in a field - press photo.

Below is our interview with the author of the Lemonade War series, Jackie Davies. Our fifth grade students had the opportunity to spend four days with Jackie Davies.  So, please sit back and relax while you listen to our chat with Ms. Davies.


Reported by Abby, Alina, Rebekka, Beck, Calden, Cyrus, Matt

image: “Press Kit” jacqueline davies . children’s author. Web. 28 April 2015. <>.

4 thoughts on “Author-in-Residence: Jackie Davies

  1. I loved your blog post. I especially liked it when you asked her how long it took her to write her books. The only thing I would have changed was the music, maybe something that went with the topic, such as, classical. I also would have asked her what her favorite book was. You did a fantastic job I really look forward to reading your next post.

  2. Well done, Abby, Alina, Rebekka, Beck, Calden, Cyrus, Matt!

    Ms. Davies is a very interesting author and you captured her magic in the longer dialogue pieces.
    Even when she was bored, she found an interesting story!
    Dr. Reinemann

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