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This year at Chickering School, Mrs. Loughlin moved from 3rd grade to 2nd grade, and Ms Cronin moved from 1st grade to 2nd grade. Please click below to listen to our chat with these teachers.



Reported by: Robert, Sam and Tommy

5 thoughts on “New Second Grade Teachers

  1. Tommy, Robert and Sam:

    Well done! What a great way to expand into a new medium by doing a Podcast interview instead of just a written report. I thought the topic choice was an interesting one. The bumper music in between questions was awesome. The overall mixing and editing job was very professional, too. One area to think about in the future is to ask follow up questions (like any good reporter!) – don’t let your subjects get off the hook that easily! Very proud of your effort and I hope you had fun.

    Sam’s Dad

  2. Robert, Tommy and Sam

    This was a fun report about Ms. Cronin and Mrs.Loughlin! It is interesting to learn they both thought they were in the best grade but now that they are in a new one, they like that one better!

    You must have done a lot of editing. It shows in the smooth flow of the report and the music in between sections.

    Dr. Reinemann

  3. I like how you created a podcast of your own and interviewed two second grade teachers that experienced a change in teaching. The questions you asked were incredibly creative, explain why you moved from grade one to grade two and what is different between first and second grade are a great example. Would you consider interviewing more than two teachers? Your broadcast was a success and once again I loved your idea to interview two second grade teachers. I looking forward to reading your next blog post. Maiya

  4. I loved listening to your interview about the new second grade teachers. I thought it was very interesting and fun to listen to because, I don’t know anything about the other grades in this school and I thought that all your questions were really good, and it was really interesting listening to all the answers.

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