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One quarter of our classroom teachers changed grades this year. We wondered if it has difficult. We talked to Mrs. Grady, who taught 3rd grade and moved upstairs, to grade 4 this year. We hope you enjoy listening to our chat.

Reported by: Jane and Eddie

4 thoughts on “Changing Grades

  1. Hi Jane and Eddie

    I enjoyed hearing Mrs. Grady compare and contrast third and fourth grade. I wonder if the other teachers who moved have similar feelings.

    Dr. Reinemann

  2. I like how you asked Mrs. Grady about the temperature change upstairs. I would never have thought of that.
    I think you should have chosen different music for your podcast, in my opinion. I also think you should have added some more follow up questions too, like why does she give the parents homework, and why did she like her old room best. Over all I really enjoyed your topic, it was a great podcast!

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