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Today we will be talking with our technology teacher,
Our technology teacher in his office surrounded by digital devices and a yellow and black Bee-Bott.Mr. Harte, about his career. We  hope you enjoy learning about all the technology in our school, and our technology teacher.



Reported by Rachel, Olivia, Katana, and Caden

4 thoughts on “Technology Time

  1. Fantastic interview! I enjoyed hearing about Mr. Harte and learned a lot about Chickering School. The students are very fortunate to have so many technology options. Great job, Chickering Reporters!

  2. Great job Chickering Reporters. It is nice to learn that the kids have so many technology options.

    Looking forward to the next report.

  3. Hi Rachel, Caden, Katana and Olivia,

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Harte’s story! It was fun to learn about why he became a technology teacher and all the different technologies at Chickering!

    Dr. Reinemann

  4. One again, I find myself engaged and engrossed in the stories these reporters tell! I learned an awful lot about a teacher and program I knew nothing about! Great work to all – keep it up!

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