A Welcoming Musical Start!

Principal leading kindergarten students under the 5th grade student bridge to welcome them to Chickering. It was hard to ignore the sound and feel of the electric atmosphere coming from the students and teachers, in the hot and humid Chickering gym, on Friday, August 29th. Our annual gathering, the Welcome Back Assembly, was about to begin. Students in grades 1-5 and all staff were waiting for the special guests to arrive. Our principal talked about goals and expectations for the school year. Our music teachers led us in our two traditional songs, which we sing at this annual assembly. Everybody was ready for a fresh start for the new school year.

At 1:30pm, the Welcome Back Assembly began as the noise level went down and the Chickering students and staff became more attentive. Our special guests, the scared kindergarten students, filed in, led by Principal Dayal. As the music began, directed by Mrs. Barry and Mrs. Law-Linck, our music teachers, the whole school started to sing our traditional song. The Welcome Back Song is based on our Mission statement: “Chickering School is a place where students learn, laugh, grow, care and make a difference.” The whole 5th grade stood up on both sides of the aisle and made a big bridge using their arms. The kindergarteners were guided under the bridge by the principal and their teachers, before sitting down in the front rows designated for them.

Mrs. Dayal took the mic and asked the new teachers and students to beRunners up and winners of the new Directory cover. recognized. After the new people sat down, Mrs. Dayal instructed us to say “Hi” or “Good Morning” to people who say it to us, as well as practicing the quiet sign [peace sign]. Blue tickets are awarded to students who do something kind for another student or teacher. This year’s goal is to earn 5000 tickets! Then, our principal enthusiastically announced the Directory cover winners this year:  the runners up are Corrine, Lauren K. and Marisol and the winner is Anissa! The directory is published by our PTO and contains information about classes and home addresses for students.  For the new cover each year, the PTO asks students to submit their drawings for consideration. After the winners were announced, the the words of Chickering Rocks!, our new school song, was displayed. … With a 1 and a 2 and a 3 … the 2 music teachers played the music with their guitar and piano.

As the light and happy-hearted students left the gym, it was easy to tell they were thinking that the Welcome Back Assembly had certainly started the new year off on a good note!

Reported by Esme and Anissa


10 thoughts on “A Welcoming Musical Start!

  1. I am so impressed with this blog post! I love how you use words that make me feel like I am right there at the assembly. I can picture just what it was like. And I also love how you took me through all of the exciting moments of the assembly. Well done!! So proud of both of you – two budding journalists!

  2. Well done Esme and Anissa! This is great. I learnt so much from your blog, and really enjoyed it. I also love the way the pictures and music have been arranged. Chickering seems like a heap of good fun! Happy blogging.

  3. Fabulous work on your first assignment, Anissa!! You and Esme did a great job collaborating and capturing those inspirational moments of the assembly. I’m so proud of your hard work!
    Purvi (Anissa’s mom)

  4. Absolutely remarkable, refreshing, professional, interesting…..I can’t believe this blog was written by someone who is below the age of 12…..really impressive and totally engaging.

  5. Well done Esme and Anissa !

    It is very clear to me that you have both worked very hard in to produce such an informative blog.

    BIG congratulations on your first blog AND for being the first to get it published.


    Love from Esme’s Nanna x x

  6. Your writing is terrific Anissa and Esme. The words paint a perfect picture for the mind’s eye and create an exciting story.

    Congrats on your first blogpost!

  7. What a remarkable piece of writing by two 9 year olds!
    Congratulations to Anissa and Esme!
    The reporting is lucid with proper grammar and paragraphing. It is hard to believe this was written by two 9 year olds who have just started 4th grade! Do I see two budding writers in Anissa and Esme?!!!

  8. Congratulations Anissa & Esme! Your blog is full of voice. We love how you both used rich & varied language to describe the Welcome Back Assembly in such vivid detail. Also, kudos to Anissa for winning the Directory Cover Contest this year! We are very proud of you-:)

  9. Great report on our Welcome Back Assembly! I like how you highlighted the traditions we have at Chickering. Those are the things that make our school extra special! Nice work!

  10. Esme and Anissa,

    Thank you for your detailed and descriptive post about the Opening Assembly! It is one of my favorite all school events of the year.

    Dr. Reinemann

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