Kindergarten Performance

Have you ever heard of the song, Oh, Mr. Sun? Well, the Chickering kindergartners do! On May 30th, 2014, it was one of the 11 songs the kindergarten classes sang in their performance. The crowd was mostly made up of parents, siblings, relatives and some Chickering Reporters, too. It was amazing how well these kindergarteners can sing and dance, with the help of Ms Pappas and Ms Conklin, a high school senior.

Playbill for the Kindergarten Performance

The songs they sing are what they learned throughout the year. They start learning their songs on the very first day of school. When you are teaching kindergarteners you can only teach them a little bit of a song at a time, then you have to repeat it for at least three weeks. Ms Pappas says it was a challenge, at first, when she started teaching kindergarten, but then she became used to it. Ms Pappas teaches the kindergarteners what each word in the songs means. Most children want to perform, but a couple do not want too. They have a choice of sitting with their parents, or performing the songs. One or two students don’t participate every year, but they are really listening very closely. Most Kindergarten students have a beautiful voice they don’t even know about! People underestimate what they can do sometimes, shared Ms Pappas. The kindergarten performance is an annual event under Ms Pappas’ direction.

Reported by Abby, Ava B. and Bethany

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  1. Hi Abby, Ava B., and Bethany

    I am so glad you wrote this post! I missed the Kindergarten performance. Now I know what happened and how wonderful they sounded!

    Thank you!
    Dr. Reinemann

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