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Every year the second grade students enjoy Dinoman’sPicture of Bob the Dinoman talking with grade two children. presentation. He wows them with examples and unbelievable facts. He also takes them inside of an inflatable dinosaur to discuss the insides and vital organs of a dinosaur.



Interview with Dinoman 


We were curious to know what the students thought of dinoman so we asked three questions, the first question was, what is the most interesting fact you learned from Dinoman’s visit? We had varied answers on this question for example, tree sap can become a fossil was said twice, dinosaurs swallowed rocks was said once, when dinoman is digging he wraps up the bones in a special paper was also said one time, the triceratops horn has blood vessels going through it was said once, how animals and plants become fossils was said twice.

Dinosaur where Dinoman instructs students inside the inflatable dino-creature.The second question was what is your favorite dinosaur and why? The answers we got for this question were mostly the same, T-Rex because it is really tall and good at catching food, Brachiosaurus because of it’s long neck, Diplodocus because it eats vegetables, Triceratops because it has three horns.

The third question was, do you like dinosaurs more or less after talking with Dinoman, why or why not? The answers were all the same in the main part but for different reasons. They said more, because they got to go inside the dinosaur, because they learned more from them, because its exciting and you can learn more and more about dinosaurs and how they lived, because its really cool how you learn about them, because Dinoman told them many cool facts about dinosaurs.

Dinoman’s visit is a favorite among the second graders; they love dinosaurs!

Reported by: Sierra, Ford, and Aiden

3 thoughts on “Digging it with Dinoman

  1. Really great report. It sounds so professional with the sound effects that you used to open and close your piece. I think your questions of Dino Man were really interesting. You had me wondering a bit about how the second graders felt about the program. Not sure if you had the time time but it might have been interesting to edit in some recorded sound bites of the second grade reactions to his presentation.
    Really great work. Keep it up!

  2. What a great report. I think you asked Dino Man very good questions that were open ended and he could explain the reasons behind his answers, rather than just a yes or no. I also think hearing from the second graders would have been interesting, but it might have been hard to choose just one or two! Excellent job!

  3. Dear Sierra, Aiden and Ford,

    Nice job! Yes, our second graders love Dinosaurs!

    I liked your interview with DinoMan, too. I agree that your quesitons were thoughtful.

    Thanks for sharing this part of Chickering life.

    Dr. Reinemann

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