There’s a New Pair of Sneakers in The Gym

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There’s a New Pair of Sneakers in The Gym

Chickering School has a new member of the Physical Education staff. Please click on the link below to listen to our chat Ms Hayes teaching fifth grade students.with Ms Hayes.

Interview with Ms Hayes


Reported and edited by Addie, Will G. and Calvin

8 thoughts on “There’s a New Pair of Sneakers in The Gym

  1. Thank you, Addie, William and Calvin for introducing Mrs. Hayes to us! I learned a lot about her. I especially liked learning that she has two dogs and that she plays violin!

  2. Addie, Calvin, and Will,

    That was a great post! I thought it was very interesting because it gave us information that was cool to hear! I thought it was cool that she sings, plays guitar and the violin! Those questions were very thoughtful! Nice music, by the way!


  3. This post was an amazing post! I learned a lot of new things about Mrs. Hayes! Like how she has dogs, and lots more. If I were you I would have put more into your written part of your post. Overall this was an amazing post and gave lots of detail.

  4. I enjoyed your interview with Ms.Hayes because it helped me learn about her and now i have a conversation starter just from listening to CSR but you could have written stuff about her in the post. i now know a reason to become a gym or any teacher.

  5. I loved the chat with Mrs.Hayes because it was really interesting to learn more about her and where she came from. I think you could’ve written more about Mrs.Hayes before the podcast started but overall I liked the video a lot.

  6. Hi Addie, William and Calvin,
    I loved your blog post. I think the interview with Mrs. Hayes was a good way to introduce her to the school. I finally got to know what she likes to do, and that she has two labs. But I do think you could have showed Mrs. Hayes’s face instead. Otherwise I think you did terrific job. I especially liked the music. Great blog post.

  7. I loved your interview with Mrs. Hayes! I especially liked learning that she plays guitar, violin and sings. Also, It was interesting to learn all of the sports and other activities she does. Maybe next time you should get a clearer picture of her. You did a great job! I look forward to reading your next post.

  8. What a great interview! I knew it was going to be good because I saw how well your team worked together as you painstakingly crafted the audio piece of your report. You are true collaborators and it really shows in your finished product! Excellent job! I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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