Virtual Tour of Chickering School

This project began when Dr. Reinemann asked if the Chickering Reporters would create a virtual tour of our school for the homepage on our school website.  The four of us, Amy, Coleman, Nathan and John Z. said, “We are up to the challenge!”

Working as a group, we had to decide:

  • What to film,
  • What part of each clip to use,
  • What order should the clips be in to show the school,
  • Write the script for the voiceovers,
  • Record the voiceovers,
  • Decide on music for the introduction and ending,
  • Decide on transitions,
  • Should we use text screens to divide sections of the school, and
  • Make sure we didn’t film anyone who shouldn’t be filmed

Following the viewing of the virtual tour movie, we are curious to see if you can see which part was our favorite.

We hope you enjoy the tour.

John Z., Nathan, Coleman and Amy

A Day in Miss Yorston’s Class

Do you ever wonder what a day in the fifth grade class of Miss Yorston is like? Well afterPicture of Ms Yorston's classroom you read this post you will have experienced an average day in this classroom.
We interviewed four students from Miss Yorston’s class. Those student were Bridgit, Alex, Joanna, and George. We asked the following five questions and here are their responses:

1.) What your favorite part of the school day? And Why?
George: Recess; because you get fresh air and see friends from other classrooms.
Alex: Recess; because you get energy out
Bridgit: Reading; because she can read books that she is interested in.
Joanna: Reading; because it is really quiet and relaxing
2.) What is your favorite subject to learn? And why?
George: Reading; because it is very relaxing and you get to read about an adventure
Alex: Math; because there are games you can play
Bridgit: Didn’t ask that question.
Joanna: Math; because it is challenging
3.) Do you enjoy 5th grade? And why?
George: yes; great teacher and you get to go places such as natures classroom.
Alex: Yes; because you get more freedom
Bridgit: Yes; because she has a very good teacher and class
Joanna: Yes; do a lot of things that you can’t do in 4th grade such as student council, natures classroom
4.) Do you think you get to little work or to much? And why?
George: perfect amount; because he has a little time to catch up on missed work.
Alex: Just right; (no reason was given)
Bridgit: Too much; because she doesn’t have enough time to play soccer and other things she likes
Joanna: Just right; because some days you get more than usual and some days we get less.
5.) What is your favorite character trait about Ms. Yorston? And why?
George: Didn’t ask question.
Alex: Didn’t ask question.
Bridgit: She is really patient and explains things that we don’t get.
Joanna: Smart, friendly

We also interviewed Miss Yorston! We asked her 5 questions that reflect on her day. Here are the questions we asked:

1.) What is your favorite part of the school day? And why?
2.) How long have you been teaching fifth grade? Have you taught any other grades?
3.) How do you plan out the school day?
4.) What is the hardest subject to teach? What is the easiest subject to teach?
5.) What is your favorite part of teaching? Why?
We will have a podcast of Miss Yorston’s interview. If you want to hear her responses please check out our podcast [mp3] below.

Image of Miss Yorston   Interview with Miss Yorston

We would like to tell you how the day works because we have experienced it ourselves. First we come in the classroom put down our chair, order lunch and do the work that is written on the whiteboard. Then we go to our special according to the day that it is. On Monday and Thursday we have gym. On Tuesday we have band or reporters it depends on what you signed up for. On Wednesday we have music and if it is a long day we have band or reporters and library. Lastly on Friday we have art. Then when we get back from special we have snack. Next we have math. Then we transition into reader’s and writer’s workshop. At about 12:45 we go to lunch. After lunch we go to recess. After recess on Tuesdays and Sample of a daily class scheduleThursdays we have science. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have social studies after recess. Then we pack up, write down our homework in our GO-binders and get our mail and homework. Then we settle down with a read aloud to end our exciting day. That was a sample of a typical day in Miss Yorston’s class.

I hope after you have read this you have understood what it is all about in Miss Yorston’s 5th grade classroom.

– Emily, Caroline, Diana and Julia

Chickering Reporters

cChickering reporter working on blog post Being a Chickering Reporter is a great experience. We brainstorm what we want to blog about. And we go out and do it with our group. Reporters interview people to learn about their point of view and gather information. When you’re a Chickering Reporter you have to listen, be kind, be flexible to change, and be efficient. If you are a fourth or fifth grader and you don’t want to learn how to play an instrument, you can participate as an astonishing reporter. As a reporter you can report on what happens around Chickering School.

We interviewed a few current reporters  to find out what they liked better, band or reporters? We asked three people and they all liked reporters. George B. said he liked it because “if you get a job as a reporter you will already have some experience.” Another reporter, Peter answered, “reporters better then band because it can help you be a better writer.” “There is not as much homework as in band.”, answered John S. As you can see, these students preferred reporters.

We also asked what is your favorite thing to report on. Nathan said “virtual tour because we reporter editing audio filescould show kids how are school worked.”  When he reported on the aquarium because we got to take pictures of all the animals like stingrays and fish”Martin shared.

We also asked which do you like better band or reporters. George B. answered “reporters because, it’s fun to interview people.” Peter replied “reporters because,it can help you become a better writer.” John stated” reporters because, there’s not as much homework as in band.

editing blog posts

We interviewed Kirby about if he would change, he answered, “I would not change because, in Millis I did band and I didn’t like it.

As you can see from our interviews reporters is a very entertaining class but, so is band. Both bring out different learning styles and interests to address all students. It really is a personal decision as to weather you do band or reporters.

Reported by Carter, Garrett, and Louis