The Perfect Playground

The playground at our school has just had some fabulous renovations of our new playground equipment. Over the summer the following equipment was installed: 2 basketball hoops at different heights, four-square outlines, spiral slide, DNA Strand, stage, Plinko, painted map of the United States, chess and checkers.

We were curious about students’ opinions, so we asked them a couple of  questions. We wondered if they had a favorite. The DNA Strand is one of the two Spiral monkey bars shaped like a DNA choices.  Some students shared “ It goes in different motions; you get to twist and turn and do crazy things,” “different from monkey bars,” and “ fun to climb upside down.”

The second  popular apparatus is the Plinko.Plinko - multiple funnels containing multiple holes into which balls are thrown.  “It is an unique piece of equipment; you never know where the balls will come out,” “every kid gets a chance to throw the ball,” and “reminds him of basketball.”

We were also curious to know if something was missing from the playground. Most of the students we interviewed thought the playground was complete; they couldn’t think of anything to improve the playground. But one student To forts with a bridge connecting them.suggested the bridge that connects the two forts … bounce! Another student suggested more opportunities to play on the upper field: soccer, tag football, and basketball.2 Basketball hoops at different heights for younger students.

We all love to play on the playground now that we have new equipment, which makes it even more entertaining at recess.

Reported by: Evan and Tommy L.

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Playground

  1. Evan and Tommy, great job with your blog post! We loved how you put all the equipment in your video and captioned it! You could probably have added not just the interviewed kids’ opinions, but your own as well. But great job overall with your perfect playground blog post! We’re looking forward to future posts from you! –Olivia and Katie

  2. I really like the way you made your Animoto. It showed all the stuff on the playground. If I were you I would have put music that fit the Animoto better. Other than that the whole article was superhuman.

  3. What we liked about The Perfect Playground is how you asked some people what they thought about the new equipment. It gave a great way of seeing it.
    You could ask some more people to give more information on the playground.
    We liked your post and look forward to reading another of your posts.

    Will G and Chetan

  4. Great job Tommy and Evan! We really like how you take different opinions from many students and include them into your writing. One thing that we suggest you could have done is in your post you could have added a photograph of the fields so everybody can see how they look and if they could improve. We also liked how you had detailed description of most photos in your animoto.

    Great job you guys!

    -Diana & Nora

  5. We liked how you took a lot of good pictures of the playground. We have a suggestion to improve your report. Maybe you could have put a little more information. We liked how you must have put in a lot of effort since there only were two people in your group.

  6. Hi Evan and Tommy

    You really captured the spirit and excitement of our new equipment. You did an excellent job! I wonder if DNA climber and plinko are still the most favorite pieces of equipment.

  7. Hi Evan and Tommy

    Thank you for reporting on this new equipment! It is nice for our families to know about the new things at Chickering.

  8. Hi Evan and Tommy,
    Thanks for the awesome playground story! We worked very hard to try to choose equipment that offered variety and make the playground more exciting. The video was great. I hope everyone is still excited about these new pieces.
    Mrs. Tourtellotte

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