CSI: Who dunit?

Are you a suspect? Did you steal the golden apple bell?

Sadly, the golden bell that Mrs. Power earned for being a teacher for 15 years was stolen. What we found at the crime scene was a ransom note, a hair sample, plus a hair clip. We sprang right into action! The fifth grade CSI investigation had just begun!

What was stolen? The bell is used by Mrs. Power to quiet her class down when they get too noisy. She is very upset that it’s missing.

Who are the suspects? We were assigned teachers to interview.  We asked “Were you a teacher here for 15 years? “Were you at Open House?” and “Were you in Mrs. Power’s room during Open House?” Since the teachers were all around the Two microscopes in the science lab used in the CSI investigation.school, we went to meet them face-to-face. People who lie, tend to not look you in the eye or they stop talking; These are some ways to figure out if they are telling the truth. Based upon their answers and their behavior during the interview, we asked if we could borrow the suspect’s black pen or marker. Using the note left at the crime scene, we compared the pen or marker from each suspect.

Finally, we found out who did it! From our pen/note comparison, we narrowed it down to three suspects: Ms Varley, Ms Wood, and Mrs. Anzivino. We cut up the note and gave everybody a piece of the ransom note, then we took the pen we borrowed and we made a dot on a coffee filter. We put water on all the dots and the cut-up note. You would not believe whose dot matched the note! It was Ms.Varley!  With some additional clues, we figured that Ms Varley gave the stolen bell to Mrs. Anzivino. They were both guilty!

So it turns out we got our bell back, and we all got back to our normal lives. Moral: “Crime doesn’t pay!”

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Reported by Grace, Garrett, Carter, and Louis

4 thoughts on “CSI: Who dunit?

  1. This post is amazing! The Animoto is very interesting and it hooked us right away. We would have liked to have seen the actual suspects’ faces. Other than that this post was the best we’ve seen this year.

    Sophie and Georgie

  2. The post was fantastic. I liked the music. It was really catchy, and up to tune with the CSI video. In your next post try to include other 5th grade classes. Over all the pictures are very clear and it kept me intrigued. Excellent job guys!!!

  3. I really like the music in your Animoto, it was boomfantastic! I thought that maybe you could have shown pictures of the evidence of who dunit! I thought that your Animoto wasn’t too long and wasn’t too short. I thought it was a great report.

    #Peter and John

  4. I loved the report you did on “Who Stole It”. You added amazing detail but next time I would make an interview with the suspects, but it was great all and all and hope to see your next one!

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