Amazing First Graders

Wow! First grade has changed a lot! They are so well behaved… The 5th grade Chickering reporters decided to do a post on how first grade is different when we were there. Mrs. Marchildon class is our buddy class! We went in to observe the new math program (Everyday Math Program). We saw that they were learning much harder stuff from when we were in first grade. Also the strategies they use are pretty cool because they make everything easier. When we were in first grade, there were not as many strategies as they do now.

One thing we noticed was that they are very well behaved. They don’t fool around on the rug, or have side conversation with their friends. When we were in first grade I think we fooled around more than they do now.

We also noticed that they use color tables instead of desks. We used desks when we were in first grade.

Finally we noticed that They used more math supplies than we did like: mini white boards, an interactive white board, and each table had a container of supplies in the middle of the table.

We think that first grade has changed a lot since we were in first grade. We think the students have better strategies, supplies, and are better behaved! We wish we were still in first grade!!

Reported by: Abby and Sarah

2 thoughts on “Amazing First Graders

  1. Dear Chickering Reporters,
    It was a pretty good report. One thing I would do differently is add more pictures of the kids doing work. I would do this because other people could see what the class really looks like. But overall it was pretty good.


  2. Hi,
    I really like your blog! I especially liked the part when you complemented the first graders. I bet that made them feel really good about themselves. When they are in fourth or fifth grade, they will look back on this blog and be very proud that they behaved so well that a blog was made about them. Something that didn’t excite me that much was when you mentioned that they use color tables instead of desks in first grade. I didn’t think that it was that important. I know that you didn’t write a lot about it, I just thought that you could have written something else a little more important, like maybe the stories they write, or the books they read, or even how they socialize with their learning buddies. I still really, really like your blog and I am hoping to find more that you’ve written. I hope to write just like you guys this year (I love to write!)

    Much luck in middle school,

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