That Poetry Guy . . . Ted Scheu

Rhyme after rhyme, poem after poem, who’s that guy over there telling poems over and over? Oh yah! That’s Ted Scheu! He’s visiting the fourth grade to teach them his poetry secrets. Wait, maybe we can learn Ted Scheu’s deepest darkest secrets. Let’s find out.

Please listen to our interview with Ted Scheu. We wish to thank Mr. Scheu for his kindness in Skyping with us and his generosity with his time. (Please click on the link below.)

Interview with poet, Ted Scheu, the Poetry Guy – 2012

Also, please listen to some of  Mrs. Atkinson’s and Mr. Keohane’s students’ poems. (Please click on the link below.)

Poems from several students in 4th Grade

Working with Ted Scheu was a tremendous experience. Of course, we had seen poetry before, but Mr. Scheu took us on an amazing adventure, including poetry, imagination, literature, and his “iEasel!”. He really opened our eyes to the world around us, and more importantly, the wonders of creativity. Thank you, Ted Scheu!

Reporters: WB, Nathan, Julia and Lindsey

2 thoughts on “That Poetry Guy . . . Ted Scheu

  1. Hi! I really liked your blog post! I liked your title for your blog. I thought that the title was really creative and I liked how it rhymed. I also liked the dialogue of the blog.
    I did really like the blog post, but I thought it would be better if it rhymed because it is poetry and poems usual rhyme.
    If I was reporting about this I would have made it rhyme but that is just my opinion.
    But overall the blog post was great.

  2. Good job WB, Nathan, Julia and Lindsey you did a good job on your post. I liked how you had a Skype interview with Mr.Scheu but, I think that you should have had more pictures in your post. and I would have written a little bit more.
    Nice job,

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