An Ocean In-doors?

Everyone knows there are fish in the Boston Harbor but who knew they were inside of a building!  On Tuesday, June 5th, the fourth grade took a trip to the N.E. Aquarium.  Everyone in the fourth grade enjoyed the field trip.  Here are some things we saw and learned.

In the field trip to the N.E.A. we were all put into groups of four to five people. Then we were assigned a chaperon. After that we had an hour to look at the animals and some time to fill out packets that we brought that had questions about the animals.

The whole fourth grade went to the IMAX theater to watch a 3D movie about the climate change at the North Pole. We had to bring our packets, to the movie, to answer some questions.

The reason why the fourth grade goes to the N.E.A. is because one of our science units is oceanography taught by Mr. Keohane. The N.E.A. is a good opportunity to learn more and to see how the animals act like in the wild. Some of the animals we saw penguins, seals and sea lions, octopus, different types of fish, turtles, jellyfish, sea dragons, and eels.  In the Tide Pool touch tank, the water was really cold! We touched sea urchins, sea stars, hermit and horseshoe crabs. The water was much warmer in the Shark and Sting Ray touch tank, thank goodness.

Overall most everyone had a good time at the N.E. Aquarium and were disappointed when we had to leave and return to school.  Some of the students were assigned homework that night.  They were to reflect upon our trip and tell what thought was really interesting and one thing that they learned.  We hope this will be an annual fourth grade field trip, so that other students can have this same experience.

Reported by: Amy, Martin, and Sophia

10 thoughts on “An Ocean In-doors?

  1. Dear Amy, Martin and Sophia,
    Great blogging. I loved the slideshow. k\Keep up the good work. One thing I would do differently would change the music on the slideshow. I really liked it, it’s just that the aquarium was such an exciting thing and when you put that music it made it look like it was kind of boring. It was a really good blog.


  2. I liked how you guys got pictures from the aquarium and I thought that your animoto was cool. I think one thing that I would do is add one or two more pictures, I love the aquarium too like Jay said but the slide show was a little bit short. Keep up the good work.

  3. I loved your introduction because it had a nice way of telling me what the blog was about. It was well detailed and it really pulled me in. It told me that the blog was about the New England Aquarium. It had a lot of interesting facts about the Aquarium so the upcoming fourth graders know what they will be doing in June. Overall I loved your blog post and keep doing it.
    I think you could have added a little more detail to the touch tanks. They were one of the main parts. I also didn’t love the way you said you could see it in the wild because they weren’t exactly in the wild. Other than that I thought the post was good.
    I loved your blog post a lot. It was very well done. Keep doing the good work.


  4. I think the blog post was really well written. I enjoyed how the author wrote about all different sea animals. I also liked the video. I wish that there was more information about the I-max movie. I also like how the author gave lots of important details in the blog post.

    From Will F.

  5. I loved your clear pictures. I also liked how you described the aquarium. Next time I hope you change the music in your slide show to match the pictures, and describe the animals with more details because the animals are the most important part of the aquarium. I liked your post and I hope you keep on posting.


  6. Dear Amy, Martin, and Sophia,
    I thought your report about the New England Aquarium was really cool. I thought it had a lot of good information, like what the date was, and that Mr.Keohane taught Oceanography, and all the animals you saw. That was really good information for me.
    I would have added more facts about the animals you saw; it would have helped a little bit more. It would have been good to know about the animals.
    I also really like your music. I thought it was really cool. I liked the part in the beginning where you said “Everyone knows there are fish in Boston Harbor but who knew they were inside of a building!” Also you did not leave anything out. Good job you guys keep up the good work!


  7. Dear Amy, Martin, and Sophia,

    I thought it was a great idea to write about the New England Aquarium. I just had a couple of ideas. You had a lot of detail but maybe a little too much. Sometimes when you have too much detail it turns into a run-on story. The music for the slideshow wasn’t catchy. Next time try to find some more fast paced music. Other than that, keep up the great work and think about that in your next blog post.


  8. I thought that the movie was great along with the written part. I thought that it gives you plenty of information to learn from. I thought the graphics and angles were great in the movie.
    If I had to recommend something I would add that maybe you should have reported on something that was going on and you could’ve talked about it. Maybe the scuba divers came up with a bunch of shark teeth or the touch tank had something going on in it.

  9. In your report I liked how you described how cold or how hot the water was when you were touching the stingrays and the crustaceans.
    I would’ve put the word “behave” instead of the word “act” in this sentence. “The N.E.A is a good opportunity to learn more and see how the animals act in the wild.” Because you really do not get to see how the animals act in the wild, do you? Because the fish are in the same tank with their own species and you don’t get to see how they act around different types of animals.
    I would’ve written about Myrtle the turtle because she is one of the attractions at the New England Aquarium. Also because she is the oldest sea creature there.
    Overall you had a great report.

  10. I like how you put a lot of sea creatures’ pictures in the post, this helps people see what the sea animals look like. I think this is a good part.
    I think that a way you could’ve made this post was that you could have put some more sea creature pictures than people could see some more pictures about sea creatures,
    I think that overall it was a good blog post keep up the good work!

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