Leon Mobley Returns!

Bop Pop Bop Pop Bop Ba Bop Bop Pop

If you walked into the Chickering School, on October 6, 2011,  that is what you would have heard coming from Leon Mobley and his Djembe drum springing from the gym. He is a former Metco student at Chickering School and now a world renowned musician. He is excited to share his love for West African drumming with the world. We were fortunate to interview him after the assembly. Please click on the podcast below to listen to the interview.

October 2011 interview with Leon Mobley

Mr. Mobley came back, in January 2012, with 2 friends to help him teach the students in grades 3, 4, and 5. Each third grade class learned with Mr. Mobley and our music teachers Ms Pappas and Mrs. Barry, a West African folk song. With one of Mr. Mobley’s friends, the fourth grade classes each learned a West African folk dance. While each of the 5th grade classes learned on drums, a West African folk song, with Mr. Mobley and another drummer friend.

Mr. Mobley and his two friends were with us for only one week. It was challenging to learn our West African dance in one class and practice once before the final assembly on Friday. All third, fourth, and fifth graders were very excited to perform with Mr. Mobley and his friends. We hope one day Mr. Mobley will come back to Chickering School.

Reported by:

Adam, Coleman, Matty, and Will G.

5 thoughts on “Leon Mobley Returns!

  1. September 19, 2012

    I really liked your blog post. I liked your video you made it was very entertaining. The pictures were all very cool.

    If I were you I would have taken away the music in the interview because it was distracting and you couldn’t hear what people were saying.

    Your blog post was awesome. I like how you interviewed Leon Mobley it was cool. I’m looking forward to reading your next blog post.

    From, George

  2. I like how your blog post had a lot of detail so when I was reading it I really understood it. But I did not like your video as much as some of the others because most of the pictures were mostly of Leon and not what he did with us. If I did the report differently I would have added pictures of the kids playing the drums and the kids dancing. Anyway you did a good job and I really liked your report.


  3. I like your interview with Leon Mobley because you asked interesting questions that I wouldn’t have thought of. You gave thought to your questions so you got great answers from Leon Mobley. The answers really made me like the interview and I learned a lot about Leon Mobley. He gave long answers, which you wouldn’t have received without your amazing questions.
    I would recommend, next time, that you give more detail about what each grade did and what Leon Mobley taught them. Maybe you could have interviewed a person from each grade and put their answers into your writing. Maybe people would enjoy learning what our school was taught by Leon Mobley.
    Great job with your blog post; you really made the story capture my attention. So keep up the good work and I can’t wait to read anymore posts by you.

  4. I really liked your blog post. I especially liked your first video because you didn’t just show the pictures, you also played the music that Leon Mobley was playing in the pictures.
    One part that I didn’t like, was how you played the music really loud at the beginning of the interview. I didn’t like that because you couldn’t hear what the people were saying at the beginning of the video.
    If I was doing this report, one thing I would have done differently, is show pictures of the 3rd graders singing, the 4th graders dancing, and the 5th graders playing the drums. I would have done that because it would have shown pictures of everybody that was doing something.
    Other than those two things, I thought your report was great!


  5. I liked the bop pop part because it would help people who weren’t there visualize it in their head. I really liked the report but I would also write about the people who came to support Leon Mobley like Noel, the dancer or Babacar, the other drummer. If you didn’t know their names maybe you could have asked around or maybe you could have got a signature or just asked them ‘What’s your name?’ But I really thought you guys wrote it really well, it was interesting, and I liked the video.


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