Amazing First Graders

Wow! First grade has changed a lot! They are so well behaved… The 5th grade Chickering reporters decided to do a post on how first grade is different when we were there. Mrs. Marchildon class is our buddy class! We went in to observe the new math program (Everyday Math Program). We saw that they were learning much harder stuff from when we were in first grade. Also the strategies they use are pretty cool because they make everything easier. When we were in first grade, there were not as many strategies as they do now.

One thing we noticed was that they are very well behaved. They don’t fool around on the rug, or have side conversation with their friends. When we were in first grade I think we fooled around more than they do now.

We also noticed that they use color tables instead of desks. We used desks when we were in first grade.

Finally we noticed that They used more math supplies than we did like: mini white boards, an interactive white board, and each table had a container of supplies in the middle of the table.

We think that first grade has changed a lot since we were in first grade. We think the students have better strategies, supplies, and are better behaved! We wish we were still in first grade!!

Reported by: Abby and Sarah

That Poetry Guy . . . Ted Scheu

Rhyme after rhyme, poem after poem, who’s that guy over there telling poems over and over? Oh yah! That’s Ted Scheu! He’s visiting the fourth grade to teach them his poetry secrets. Wait, maybe we can learn Ted Scheu’s deepest darkest secrets. Let’s find out.

Please listen to our interview with Ted Scheu. We wish to thank Mr. Scheu for his kindness in Skyping with us and his generosity with his time. (Please click on the link below.)

Interview with poet, Ted Scheu, the Poetry Guy – 2012

Also, please listen to some of  Mrs. Atkinson’s and Mr. Keohane’s students’ poems. (Please click on the link below.)

Poems from several students in 4th Grade

Working with Ted Scheu was a tremendous experience. Of course, we had seen poetry before, but Mr. Scheu took us on an amazing adventure, including poetry, imagination, literature, and his “iEasel!”. He really opened our eyes to the world around us, and more importantly, the wonders of creativity. Thank you, Ted Scheu!

Reporters: WB, Nathan, Julia and Lindsey

An Ocean In-doors?

Everyone knows there are fish in the Boston Harbor but who knew they were inside of a building!  On Tuesday, June 5th, the fourth grade took a trip to the N.E. Aquarium.  Everyone in the fourth grade enjoyed the field trip.  Here are some things we saw and learned.

In the field trip to the N.E.A. we were all put into groups of four to five people. Then we were assigned a chaperon. After that we had an hour to look at the animals and some time to fill out packets that we brought that had questions about the animals.

The whole fourth grade went to the IMAX theater to watch a 3D movie about the climate change at the North Pole. We had to bring our packets, to the movie, to answer some questions.

The reason why the fourth grade goes to the N.E.A. is because one of our science units is oceanography taught by Mr. Keohane. The N.E.A. is a good opportunity to learn more and to see how the animals act like in the wild. Some of the animals we saw penguins, seals and sea lions, octopus, different types of fish, turtles, jellyfish, sea dragons, and eels.  In the Tide Pool touch tank, the water was really cold! We touched sea urchins, sea stars, hermit and horseshoe crabs. The water was much warmer in the Shark and Sting Ray touch tank, thank goodness.

Overall most everyone had a good time at the N.E. Aquarium and were disappointed when we had to leave and return to school.  Some of the students were assigned homework that night.  They were to reflect upon our trip and tell what thought was really interesting and one thing that they learned.  We hope this will be an annual fourth grade field trip, so that other students can have this same experience.

Reported by: Amy, Martin, and Sophia