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Have you ever been in charge if the school? Well I have! I was the principal of the day on Read Your Heart Out Day, April 13, 2012.

Principal-of-the-Day is a fun activity that one fifth grader wins at the Dover PTO Auction. One student gets to walk in Dr. Nugent’s steps for the day, and be in charge.

My name is Lucy and I won the opportunity to be the Principal-for-one-Day on Read Your Heart Out Day, a day when all the students and staff are able to wear pajamas and slippers to school.

On Monday, 4 days before I was Principal, Dr. Nugent and I had a little talk about what we wanted to do during my special day.

These are the things I thought of for each grade,

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders were read a story by the Librarian, she was so nice because she dressed up as Viola Swamp!  (A character in a really good book.)
  • 4th grade had the ability to sit wherever they wanted, (They usually have to sit by class).
  • Lastly the 5th graders, they received popsicles. I wanted my grade to be happy with me since all the other grades had something great!student principal for the day with her principal

After this fun experience, I feel like I can do anything. Being a principal is like you are the Queen of your own Castle. In the morning I had to get there really early and I greeted all the teachers as they arrived to school. They were being really funny, by asking me for raises, giving me candy and just treating me like I was an adult. All the students thought I was an awesome Principal. At the end of the day I was sad, I did not want to give up being Principal. It was a fantastic day. The only downside to the day is that I never sat down, so my legs really hurt from all the walking!  

5 thoughts on “Principal for the Day

  1. Dear Lucy,
    I’m very sad that I missed you being Principal of the Day but … I was sitting on the beach in 91 degree weather. I think you are the best principal I have ever seen. WOW! Lucy gives you popsicles. That’s sweet. I wish I was there, my friend. Oh ya, while I am at it, I loved your post…Ahahaha
    Byee BYee

  2. Dear Lucy,
    That sounds so fun! How you got to be the principal of the day?! It sounds fun because you make the rules for the day. I hope I get it next year, actually, I can’t because we’re going be in middle school. But I wish I was it this year. It sounds bro.

    J $W@G$

  3. Hi it’s Griffin,
    Nice blog. I really liked how you described how you were principal for the day!!! In principal of the day, do you get to answer the calls? I liked how you said that when you got into the school the teachers were asking you for raises (just wondering did you give any to them?)

    Peace Out


  4. I bet it was fun Lucy. The way you wrote it makes it sound like a blast!
    I wish I could have been principal of the day because you did not have anything to do except to run around and have a really fun time!!

    M $W@G$

  5. What I liked about the Principal of the Day report was the way you wrote it. At the beginning you grabbed my attention by asking a question, which made me want to read on. I thought the middle of this post was excellent. You didn’t ask any questions in the middle, but you told me what each grade got and wore. I also thought that the ending section of you blog was phenomenal. I thought it was phenomenal because in the end you said how you loved being principal of the day, and you said other kids would love it too.
    The thing that I recommend doing is I thought that you could have asked more questions. You only asked one, and more questions could have given the reader more information.
    If I could do something different from this blog post, I thought you could have listed the books that Viola Swamp was in, just in case someone wanted to read the books, they don’t know what books to read. Also you could have asked more questions. It could have given the reader more information.
    I really liked your report because it was interesting and I loved it!


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