Do Rae Me Fa So La Ti Do!

Mommymadememashmym&m’s, mommyma….. Can you hear the music ringing in your ears? That’s the Chickering Chorus! Chorus is a program we have at our school. We sing songs that are so cool like “Cantar!”, “Symphony of the Heart”, and “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. “Cantar” is in Spanish. It is so fun! We practice at 7:30 in the morning and if you come before 7:30 you get a blue ticket, which was an idea of a 5th grade student. To reward us for our attendance, Ms Pappas gives us a bead, (blue, white or black) for each time we come, which we add to our necklace. A couple of times a year, she will recognize the students with perfect attendance with a gold bead.

Students singing at their annual winter concert.We asked Ms Pappas a few questions about what she thinks about chorus. One question was what is the process of picking the music? She told us that she takes the whole summer to choose the songs. The songs that “stick in her head” on the first day of school are the ones she chooses. We asked what do you like about teaching chorus? She loves the people and think chorus is a great thing and every single person that does it is a great person. Chorus is fun and musical and we love Ms Pappas so much and we thank her for all her time.

The Chickering Reporters interviewed two kids from third, fourth, and fifth grade and learned some of their opinions about chorus.  We asked three questions from each grade and these are some of their answers.  The third graders first question was what is your favorite part of chorus?  Some said they liked listening to Ms Pappas tell her jokes because they made the them laugh and the reviewing the songs because you get to sing with our friends and it is fun.  We asked the third graders what is your favorite song?   “Stopping by Woods On a Snowy Evening” because it has a high pitch; another is “Cantar” because it is in a different language (Spanish).  The final question we asked do you like to perform in concerts?  The overall response from the third graders was “Yes” because they like to perform in front of people.

We asked the forth graders, What’s your favorite part of chorus? Most fourth graders replied that they like being with their friends.  What is your favorite song? The students said that “Cantar” because it is cool, loud and funky. Finally, we asked do you think that other grades should be able to do chorus? Students said yes but not younger than second graders.

What is your favorite part of chorus? we asked the fifth grade students. They said they like getting to sing songs with Ms Pappas. What is your favorite song? The one said “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” because he has a violin part in it. Another said, “Symphony of the Heart” because she likes the piano music. We asked, do you think we should have a choice of songs? The answers were mixed, “No” because Ms Pappas knows what songs are written at an appropriate key for students to sing. Another said, “Yes” because sometimes Ms Pappas picks songs that we don’t really know so maybe we could pick one that we know instead. We thank the students for giving us their thoughts about chorus.

Even though 7:30 in the morning is early, all the students, who participate, love singing together with Ms Pappas.

Reported by Abby and Sarah

6 thoughts on “Do Rae Me Fa So La Ti Do!

  1. Hi Abby and Sarah

    I really like your report.
    I like your video because in it the song is Cantar and I thought that after I read your post I needed to hear the song. If I had to change 1 thing I would have changed the title because I think it is to long, I would have used “Chorus”. I would like to know how you got the idea to post about that.
    Nice Job!

    – Aryana

  2. I really liked your post. I think you did a good job because you interviewed a couple of students from each grade who participated in chorus.
    Next time you might want to add more text slides to your Animoto video so that the viewer knows what is happening in the pictures.
    Nice job! I will look forward to reading more posts.


  3. Hey Abby and Sarah,
    That was a great post! It was cool how you interviewed a couple of kids from each grade because you get to see it from their point of view, and see their different perspectives.
    I loved the video. I’m in Chorus and I think the concert turned out great.
    For next time you should put more pictures in so the kids who are reading it could picture it better.
    Great post! Keep blogging!
    From, Riley

  4. Hi,
    Chorus sounds like a lot of fun! Did you really do a song in Spanish? If you did that is so awesome and hard. It also sounds like all the people in choruss love it so much and they have an amazing time there.

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