Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Chickering School is a place where children learn, laugh, grow, care, and make a difference! Making a difference can sometimes be hard, but recycling makes a difference, and it’s easy too.

Chickering recycles. Daily, the students and staff recycle their paper, and plastic bottles. Kids from each class and 5th grade student council members are assigned the job of bringing the paper and plastic bottles down to the recycling bins.

Every Friday Mrs. Gladstone comes to our lunch and helps us recycle. We sort everything from plastic, to food for the pig farmer. The students get the chance to go up themselves and sort all the recycling into the different bins.

We interviewed some kids on what they thought about recycling. They all had different perspectives about recycling, but all knew that recycling was good for the school, town and Earth. Here are some of the wonderful things the kids mentioned about recycling and the school recycling system.

“Chickering School does recycle enough but should recycle everyday instead of just on Fridays,” Says K.B. (a student.)

Will (another student) “feels really good about recycling, and every time he recycles he hopes he really helped the world today!”

We were able to interview two teachers, Mr. Wadness and Mrs. Atkinson. We also interviewed Mrs. Gladstone, who runs Earth Day and is the creator of Waste Free Friday. She is a big part in our community when it comes to recycling. These are their interviews.

Interview w/ Mrs. Gladstone, Mr. Wadness, and Mrs. Atkinson

We hoped you enjoyed our report about recycling and consider recycling more, and see how it is good. You can help your town and school in many ways by recycling! The point of recycling is that we all come together and make the world a better place. We should start thinking about our generation’s future. Thanks for reading!


Reported By: Katie B, Catherine, Elizabeth E, Laura, Tara

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