Happy Retirement Ms Keniry

Who’s in charge when the Principal isn’t here? The Vice Principal! Or in other words, Ms Keniry.

Ms Keniry taught in a lot of schools before she came to Chickering such as schools in South America for 2 years, Framingham for 20 years, and a Japanese School in Boston for 10 years. She was at Chickering School for 10 years. Ms Keniry said that the thing she will miss most about Chickering is “the kids.”  She says that she gets very lonely during the summer when she is alone with the staff, but when the kids come back in the fall she isn’t lonely any more and really enjoys working with the students. Ms Keniry’s impressions when she first came here were “Chickering was the best school in the whole state”.

Ms Keniry taught in many schools and enjoyed each one for its unique characteristics. Ms Keniry taught the kids and staff of Chickering School many things and was a very thoughtful and considerate Vice Principal.

Ms Keniry left a legacy that will be at the school for generations. The legacy she left was the blue tickets and blue ticket awards. If you do something nice to help a teacher or student they might give you a blue ticket or blue ticket award. All the blue tickets get turned to cash and are used for kids who don’t have enough money to go to camp. On Ms Keniry’s last day at Chickering she blue reindeerreceived a blue reindeer covered in blue tickets that Student Council group A worked on.

We will all miss her very much. We interviewed Ms Keniry about her retirement and thought you might like to hear her answers in her own words. (Please click on the podcast below).


Reported by Seika and Mariam

2 thoughts on “Happy Retirement Ms Keniry

  1. Dear Mariam and Seika,
    I liked your blog post. I liked how you said how long Ms.Keniry was a teacher. I wish that you described why she thought that Chickering School was the best in the whole state. I liked how you gave her answer to retiring. I feel that you didn’t talk that much about her retirement in the blog. I really liked your blog.
    Jonathan M

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