Chickering Reporters

Have you ever made a podcast? Or an Animoto video? Well if you haven’t, and would like to, you might consider starting reporters at your school.

Chickering Reporters is a fun activity in our school for kids who do not participate in band. Reporting is an educational and enjoyable program for our kids.

We are able to pick our own topic ideas to investigate. The kids that choose the same topics meet on long Wednesdays, to plan what they are going to do.  They are kids from different classes.  In order to figure out what we need to work on we have to meet together to agree. We have a digital workspace called a wiki.  We meet and brainstorm ideas for our present posts both in person and virtually.

What happens each day, is one class comes and reports on the topic that they had picked to report on.  The next time we meet, we look over all the work we did, and make a plan for what we will do next. When we finish our post we take pictures, create podcasts, and/or videos to go along with the post. Mrs. Chase then checks over our work and suggests  final edits. Then we put the blog post, videos, etc. on We self-assess our work by  reading our post and listening to our podcast or video. Next we answer the questions given on the self -assessment sheet. When we interviewed some of the fifth graders about what they thought of being a reporter, everyone said they “loved it”.  When we have finished our posts we think about new topics we could write about for our next post. We make new groups, then we will follow these steps again.

Here are a few students’ thoughts on Chickering Reporters.

Chickering Reporter Interviews


Reported by: Andriana, Anabel, Isabella F., Brickley, Caroline W.,  and Hannah T.

4 thoughts on “Chickering Reporters

  1. Dear Andriana, Anabel, Isabella F., Brickley, Caroline W., and Hannah T.,
    I really liked how you wrote everything about the Chickering Reporters! Your Animoto video was great! It showed the Chickering Reporters in action.


  2. Dear All Who Wrote This Blog Post,

    Your blog post is fantastic, and very well detailed too. I love how you told us all of the great steps of being a Chickering reporter, and how they work. Maybe next time you could take more of a flattering picture of me. I also thought it was great that you put an Animoto video in the blog post, I really liked the music you chose. Overall your post was spectacular!

    From a Chickering Reporter,

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