Going Batty For B.A.T.

Choking Procedure“Aunt Annie, Aunt Annie are you okay?” This is what you would hear if you walked into a Basic Aid Training course(B.A.T, for short). Chickering School has been teaching this course for a while. Fifth graders take it during several of their P.E. periods. It is taught by Ms Riordan (P.E. teacher), Mrs. Gillis (P.E. teacher), Mrs. Comiskey (school nurse’s aide), and Mrs. Bugajski (school nurse). The fifth graders use mannequins to learn how to do things like the Heimlich Maneuver, rescue breathing, and how to handle injures. At the end of the unit, there is a practical test and a written test. The practical test is when a teacher gives you a situation and you have to say and demonstrate what you should do. The written test is a test with questions you have to answer. The B.A.T. course has been very useful for the students. For example, last year a student was choking during lunch and another student saved her.

Here is a podcast containing an interview with teachers and some students.

B.A.T. Podcast

Here is a slideshow of students learning B.A.T. We hope you enjoy it!

Reported by: Grace D., Caroline C. and Colin