Mystery in the 5th Grade Hall

     Windows open. Doors open. Muddy foot prints leading to the computer lab. The Fridge is left open! Where are the Ice cream sandwiches?

     The 5th grade has been doing a project on who stole the ice cream sandwiches to start their C.S.I Unit for science. They went into the lab and got started. Each class took turns in the lab to find the suspect. Each kid in each class had a data bar graph packet, which included instructions and identification of the suspects: all the 5th grade teachers and grade level aids. Each class split up in groups and looked at all the evidence they had and took notes on the data bar graph. The students would match the evidence to the suspect. There were a lot of different types of evidence that involved hair, lips, foot and finger prints, dirt that fell off the suspect’s shoes, and writing samples.  To prepare us for this unit, we spent some time with a forensic scientist, named Dr. Todd.

     We talked to Dr. Todd, who is a professor at M.I.T and is trying to find cures for cancer, small pox, and other diseases, and is trying to cure mice. He loves being a scientist. He’s been working at M.I.T. for about 15 years. He works in a biology lab with microscopes and the cells from these viruses. The toughest part of his job is trying to work with the mice to obtain their DNA. Using microscopes, he checks his progress toward finding a cure for these diseases. His job is something he has wanted to do ever since he was a kid. We were curious about what some of the students enjoyed about this science unit.

We asked students what their favorite category was in CSI, fingerprints, hair samples, lip samples, handwriting, etc. A lot of the students liked fingerprints because it was what real scientists do. Other people liked hair samples because it was really hard to figure out.

We asked the students how they felt when Flynn (our class caterpillar stuffed toy) was stolen. Lots of the kids thought it was mysterious; others were worried about him being missing because he is very well liked.

We asked the students what they thought was the most interesting part in this unit. Some kids thought the thrilling thought of Flynn being stolen was the best part, other kids thought the huge investigation was fun with the fingerprints and the hair samples etc, the rest just liked it all! 

This was obviously a fun and exciting unit!

Reported by Mitchell, Nick, Iona and Sara

Magical Mosaic Mural

    Our school decided to have a mosaic mural in honor of all of the past, present, and future teachers and students at our school. The mural was designed by Joshua Winer, a local mosaic artist. The mural is hanging in the lobby so all of the people who come to visit our school can see the amazing mosaic mural! All the staff and students got to work on the mural and have their own little parts that they will always remember!  

     Google sure comes in handy when you need it. It really helped Mrs. Pelletier when she was looking for an artist. Mrs. Pelletier wanted a permanent art media that could be hung up on the wall and kids could touch it. She Googled Massachusetts mosaic murals and Josh Winer’s website was the first one to come up. Beep, Beep Ring, Ring, she called him up on the phone. After a while the deal was done and Josh Winer would come to our school to make a mosaic mural in honor of all the teachers past, present and future at Chickering School. She had been planning to have a mosaic mural at our school, since spring 2010 (the end of last year). All of the teachers had a big meeting and made different ideas and sketches. Josh combined all the ideas to make our amazing mural!!       

     Do you like pizza? Well Josh Winer must really like it a lot, he ate pizza for 4 years as partial payment for his art. Josh was asked to make a mural for a pizza parlor at age 19 when he was in college. In return the pizza parlor gave him $100 and free pizza for 4 whole years. 

      Since then, he has considered himself as an artist. Josh Winer has created 20 mosaic murals in Massachusetts, U.S.A. Most of the murals are in schools; such as, Wayland Middle School and High school, Locker School, Pine Hill School,  The Alcott school, and many more. He has been making murals for 7-8 years. Mr. Winer thinks that murals should be in public areas for everyone to enjoy. His favorite part of his job is working with the children and parents, not just working alone. His murals range in size from 6 x 6 feet, to 60 x 60 feet, to a mile long, in Newton, MA! Not only has he worked in the United States but also in France. If you would like to learn more about Josh Winer and his art, please visit his website: Josh Winer

     Our mural will inspire visitors that come, including us when we come back to the school and see the mural.

We would thank all the people that put the effort into helping with the mosaic mural. Special thanks to Mrs. Pelletier and Josh Winer for letting us interview them.

Reported by: Hannah T., Avery, Zoelle, Drew, Hannah D., Catherine, Caroline, Princess, Mary, Annabel, and Chloe

Fifth Grade Physical Education

Squeak, squeak, bounce, bounce, bounce!  A fifth grader swishes the basketball into the basket. He screams, “Who dat! Who dat!”  Those are the sounds you hear in our gym class. 

Our gym teacher, Ms Riordan, has been working as a PE teacher for 23 years. Can you believe it, 23 years? Our other PE teacher, Mrs. Gillis, has been teaching for 17 years. That is 40 years combined. 40!!!  Ms Reardon and Mrs. Gillis choose their job because they really liked children and P.E. Mrs. Gillis said the community of Dover supports the instruction Physical Education music, art, band and Chickering Reporters. They chose this school because our kids are very nice. They love our school. Love it! They also love coming to their job every day. Can you believe it?

This year the fourth graders will practice flag football skills. They had to have the fourth graders play flag football because they couldn’t find Frisbees for there unit on Frisbees.  We wish we could have done that last year.

Their favorite games to teach are ‘cooperative games’ were you work together. Grades 3-5 do fitness testing; we do the mile. We do curl-ups.  Together we did 90 curl-ups! We also did pushups. We also do sit and reach and the shuttle run.  A few of Ms Riordan and Mrs. Gillis’ favorite games are:  “Cone Knock Down”, “Dodge Ball”, “Cooperative Games”, “Flag Football” and “Hula-Hut Throw Down”.

We wish that we could have PE Class EVERYDAY!

Reported by,
Jonathan and Peter