CSR – “Welcome Back”

Welcome to our first radio podcast.  CSR - logo

Today’s show is titled “Welcome Back“.

You will meet our new Principal, Dr. Nugent and a new fourth grade teacher, Ms Kerman.

Mosaic MuralWe will also tell you about our new art work in our school lobby.

We trust you will enjoy listening to our radio show!

Chickering Reporters:
Abby, Grace, Holden, Jude, and Riley

Welcome Back Song
Arrangement and Lyrics by:
Ida Pappas, our fabulous music teacher.
A special ‘Thank You’ to the students in Mr. Keohane’s 4th grade class for recording this song for us.

8 thoughts on “CSR – “Welcome Back”

  1. Wow!! What wonderful interviews. I learned a number of things from your great questions. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dear forth graders,

    Nice job, I bet the fifth graders are jealous that they didn’t think of that post. A radio show showing all the happenings at school that is so awesome. You guys are so smart to think of that. I can’t wait till the next one comes out. I especially liked the interview with are new principal.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Dear Fourth Graders,

    I really like that you put that music in between each of the segments. I think you could have had more students thoughts of the school, like asking some of the students what they think of the school. Keep up the good work.

    Julia and Melanie

  4. Dear Radio Hosts,
    That was a great Podcast! We really enjoyed the questions you asked Dr.Nugent and Ms. Kerman, 5th graders ourselves were suprised by how well you explained everything.
    Make sure next time, that your music doesn’t overpower the speaker!
    Nice job, you really inspired us to create our own CSR episode!

    Molly, KB, Madison, Ellie

  5. Dear fourth graders,
    I loved your podcast! It was great! I liked how you had “Welcome Back” playing in the background. It was a great way to start off! Make sure to speak clearly and loudly. ( But not to loud!) You did a fantastic job!
    ~ Grace D.

  6. Dear Fourth Graders!

    Wow! Your interviews were very professional! Your questions were thoughtful and your interviewees were able to answer in detail. I bet the audio editing took a long time!

    Keep up the good work,

    Dr. Reinemann

  7. Well done 4th graders.
    The best reporters at all the radio and TV outlets in town better watch out. We’ve got some budding stars here.

  8. I thought that your wording sounded great. Also maybe you could have added a few more details. I also thought that you did a great job with adding great pictures in the writing.

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