Round the Seasons

May 2010- Round the Seasons

May 2010- Round the Seasons

On Friday, May 21, 2010, proud parents witnessed a performance put on by their children – the Chickering kindergartners! First there was a Welcome Movement, then there was a round called Round the Seasons, acappella. After that, the kindergartners of Mrs. Delaney’s class sang multiple songs based on Spring. The three songs that the class performed were: One Misty, Moisty Morning, Dandelion, and Little April Shower. Then the entire grade sang Round the Seasons, again. Mrs. Disch’s class also sang three songs, but they sang songs based on Summer: One Warm and Lovely Morning, Off to the Sea, and A Happy Morning. Then the kindergartners sang Round the Seasons, again. Next, Mrs. Cohn’s class sang about Fall. They sang One Chilly, Windy Morning, The Leaves are Green, and Autumn’s Silent Call. The entire kindergarten sang Round the Seasons…..again. Finally, Mrs. Saunders’ class sang about Winter. They sang One Cold and Wintry Morning, The Sleds go Zooming, and Little Snowflake. Then can you guess what they sang? If you said Round the Seasons you are wrong, they performed Goodbye Movement. The Kindergartners were happy with their performance, so, they took a bow. Mrs. Ellis thanked the Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Barry, pianist and Ms Pappas, who helped direct the students.


Mrs. Delaney presented Mrs. Ellis with a bouquet of flowers, from the Kindergarten teachers and students, in recognition of her retirement at the end of this school year. Everyone gave Mrs. Ellis a standing ovation. The Kindergarteners headed back to class with a smile on their faces.


Chickering Reaporters: Annie, Jacquelyn, Julia and Alice

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  1. The blog was really good and I got into it right away. The only thing I thought could be better was maybe try interviewing some Kindergardeners about how they felt during the show to get the feeling like I was there

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