Chickering Winter Olympics 2010

On Monday February 1st, the Chickering Olympics began.  Phys Ed classes started with the Luge event.  

On Tuesday, we did “Luge”! We got teamed up with Mr. Wadness’ class. Two people from each class were assigned a different country to represent. The bobsleds that we used were small scooters that you sit on, and move with only your feet. Our “luge” course was white tape with cones that we had to propel around to win! 

On Thursday, we competed in the event called “speed skating”. We put two polly spots under our feet, and glided as fast as we could around the track! It was hard to stay on the polly spots, because they were rubber.  It was a relay race, one person from each of the 4 teams would compete at once. They would skate once around the track and then let the next person from their team go, until all of the people on their team had gone. Then your team would go sit down near your country’s flag and the P.E. teachers will tell you what medal you won (if you did win one!)

In the second week, on Tuesday, we competed in “curling”! We used foamed items that were nicknamed “fruit loops”. There was a large bull’s eye in the middle of the gym: the outer ring was 1 point, the second one was 3 points, and the bull’s eye was 5 points. The object of the game was to push your “fruit loop” closest to the bull’s eye using your foam stick.

In addition we had trivia questions about the Olympics. There were bonus questions. If we got some right we could earn more medals. Some trivia questions were, where did the Olympics start?, how many countries are competing?, where are the Olympics being held?, what are some winter sports?. 

On Thursday, we did “cross country skiing” by using wooden skis with ropes attached to the skis. Two people would go on the skis at once, they would pull the ropes up and down with their arms at the same time they lifted up their legs. The person in the back had to say “left, right, left, right”, so they would move in unison. The kids only had to go half a lap.

The final results of the Chickering Winter Olympics were:
Austria got bronze, Switzerland got silver, and Italy won gold.

We all wanted to learn more about the Chickering Winter Olympics so we interviewed our P.E. teachers, Mrs. Gillis and Ms Riordan.  We hope you find this fun and helpful.

Reported By: Sara, Andriana, Alex A, Issy F., and Hannah D.

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  1. Great job! We enjoyed the themed music that tied in well with the Animoto film. Even though we know that it is really hard to choose the music, you did a terriffic job. Did you ever consider making the blog a tiny bit smaller? The reason we think this is as they say, “A picture is worth 1000 words”. Overall we thought that you were very discriptive.

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