Plimoth Rocks!!!

Welcome to Chickering Reports first radio podcast. We will be sharing some information about Plimoth Plantation, we were inspired by the third grade’s field trip. The following is what you’ll be hearing:
– Introduction
– Third Grade Interviews
– Who were the Pilgrims?
– Who are the Wampanoag?
– Jokes

Plimoth Radio Podcast

Thank you for listening to our radio podcast!

Created by Alex, Virginia, and Winnie

Plimoth Plantation
[ ] 5 Dec 2009.
You are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksging
[ ] 5 Dec. 2009.
The World Book Dictionary. Chicago: World Book, Inc., 2001.
Riddles: [ ] 20 Jan 2010.

4 thoughts on “Plimoth Rocks!!!

  1. Dear Alex, Virginia, and Winnie,
    We thought you did a great job of keeping your pod cast interesting for the listeners. For example, it was interesting to know how few people survived the first year.
    Next time you might want to consider using music that relates more to your subject, for instance, English Folk music might have been more appropriate for your topic.
    Overall we liked the layout of you radio show and we thought you did a great job!!

  2. Hi Alex,Winnie, and Virginia,

    We really enjoyed your podcast, you gave out a lot of important information about the Pilgrims. When you interviewed the 3rd graders, you asked questions that got good answers.

    If you were to do this again I would put the bells inbetween each of your sections in your radio podcast. Having so many bells were distracting.

    Overall we enjoyed the podcast and especially the jokes!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to comment on our post and podcast. Thank you for your suggestions, we will think about them in our next post.
    -Alex, Winnie, and Jinnya

  4. Dear Alex, Virginia and Winnie,
    We liked your radio show. We especially liked your jokes.
    If you make another radio show you might consider making your music inrtoduction shorter, putting the same music at the end of the show and adding a “thankyou for joining us today”. Adding the thankyou will tell the listener that the show is over.
    We liked how you put the answer of the last joke as the title of your radio show.
    Well done!
    ~Elizabeth E., K.B., and Madison A.

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