Fourth Graders “Dig” Rocks and Minerals

Fourth graders rock and roll in Mrs.McLaughlin’s class.  Recently students in Mrs. McLaughlin’s science class chose a mineral to research, they designed a poster, and presented to the class. The poster included a 2-4 paragraph essay about their mineral, a glossary of the properties of the mineral included in the essay, and 4 or more photographs. 

Students learned how minerals are used in the world. For instance, hematite ash is poisonous, magnetic, used in  jewlery, and supplies most of the world’s iron.  The students learned about the tests which geologists use to identify rocks and minerals. These tests are:

  • luster
  • light transmissity
  • magnetism
  • streak color, and
  • observations.

Mrs. McLaughlin wanted the fourth graders to know how to work independently, how to research and to teach other students about their mineral.

As you can see, fourth graders rock!


Reported by: Katie, Maggie, Laura, Melanie, and Josie

2 thoughts on “Fourth Graders “Dig” Rocks and Minerals

  1. Great job fourth graders!! I love your description on all the tests that geologists use to identify the the different types of rocks. I love your title it’s TOTALLY cool.

  2. Oh gosh, I was blown away! I loved the part in the post that you took some of what Mrs.Mclaughlin had to say about the unit, and did not leave her out, I bet she was really proud.

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