Crypt-ic Math

Engraving from Nathaniel Chickering's gravestone in Dover, MA.

Engraving from Nathaniel Chickering's gravestone in Dover, MA.

Ravens cawing, leaves crunching, wind howling, students sharing …Where? Dover Cemetery! Close to Halloween, 4th grade students walked to the center of town for their math class. Pencils and math packets in hand, groups of students ran around looking for graves with information they needed to answer the questions. During an interview with Mrs. Atkinson, she explained theĀ  purpose for Cemetery Math. Cemetery Math is a fun way for students to have hands-on practice with math concepts and it ties into the upcoming holiday. She also explained that they have not made any changes, but will make some this year because the engraving, on gravestones, is wearing off with all the weather. 4th grade has been doing this field trip for 25 + years!
Here is an example of one of the questions:

Find Nathaniel Chickering’s grave.
1. When was he born?
2. When did he die?
3. How old was he when he died?

So the next time you walk through Dover Cemetery try to answer this question.

Reported by K.B., Madison A., and Elizabeth E.

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  1. You had a great title. The challenge at the end was a good idea. I remember this when I was in fourth grade. It was raining hard as soon as we got there. We did about two problems and then left because our papers were destroyed by the rain and everyone was wet!

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